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The Sound Builders "Experience SBI" newsletter contains tips and news for homeowners, from home improvement suggestions, to example remodeling projects, to household gadget ideas and more. Take a look at some of our recent editions, then use the form at the right to subscribe!

2019 Newsletters

  • November – "Remodeling Ebb and Flow": Remodeling a home has a particular pace, moving from dramatic progress in the early stages of demolition and structural work (if that's part of the scope) to a more precise and ordered type of activity as finishes are applied, later on. "Giving Thanks": There is no better time than now to express our gratitude. "Remodeling Success 101": Will the work be warrantied?
  • October – "Remodeling and Resiliency":The ability to weather storms is another advantage of hiring a pro with up-to-date knowledge about building science. "Autumn": Here are a few tips for winterizing your home. "Remodeling Success 101": How important is duct sealing?
  • September – "No Sweat Cooling":Why choosing the right air conditioning equipment is more important than ever. "Building Relationships": The building blocks of Sound Builders are faith, wonderful clients and hard work. "Remodeling Success 101": What is an energy recovery ventilator?
  • August – "More Than a Deck": Creating Functionality and Beauty in Your Outdoor Space. "Eating Out": "Eating Out" usually means hopping in your car and heading to one of your favorite restaurants. "Remodeling Success 101": What's the difference between the various grades of stainless steel used on outdoor appliances?
  • July – "Smart Supply Choices": Professional remodelers buy their materials from suppliers that offer benefits to them and the homeowner. "Indepenence Day": Break out the grills and fill the sky with fireworks! "Remodeling Success 101": Can this contractor meet my deadline?
  • June – "Smart Lighting Is a Game Changer": Wireless lighting controls are likely in your future. Here's why. "Adding On":Our client wanted to add an apartment over the left side of the existing shop/garage. "Remodeling Success 101": What is thermal mass?
  • May – "Can You Finish My Project By...?": Understanding the variables that affect the schedule. "Remodeling Success 101": How much do permit requirements and codes vary from place to place?
  • April – "What Does a Remodeler Actually Do?": A lot of people don't understand the sheer complexity of the remodeling contractor's job and the systems required to make a big project go smoothly. "Remodeling Success 101": What is R-value?
  • March – "Your Lifestyle Profile":As professional remodeling contractors, we strive to create a unique home for each of our clients. "Spring Forward": Daylight Savings Time is here!. "Remodeling Success 101": How do allowances work?
  • February – "How Much Will This Project Cost?":Clients deserve a straight answer, but getting it requires an honest conversation. "Love": Let us help you make your house a home. A place where relationships flourish and love resides. "Remodeling Success 101": Why do products need to be ordered ahead of time?
  • January – "Will Your Remodeler Survive a Slowdown?":As interest rates rise and the market cools, make sure you choose a financially sound company with a strong track record. "Here's to 2019!": Thank you for being part of our extended family. "Remodeling Success 101": Should a deadline drive your decision?

2018 Newsletters

  • December – "Quality Is No Accident":The best remodelers approach it systematically. "Merry Christmas": Christmas is such a beautiful time of the year. "Remodeling Success 101": How long should a warranty be for?
  • November – "Built for Success":Quality projects and happy customers don't happen by accident. The best remodelers have systems to ensure those outcomes. "Giving Thanks": There is no better time than now to express our gratitude for our association. "Remodeling Success 101": How does Sound Builders address the particulars of a remodeling project?
  • October – "Change Management": Post-contract changes need not be a problem, but they absolutely need a well thought-through process. "Changes": Speaking of changes, Fall is here, which means the leaves are changing from green to brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow and the grass from brown to a gorgeous green. "Remodeling Success 101": How are allowances structured?
  • August – "A Touch of Drama": Outdoor lighting can transform a home's exterior, and the best result comes from planning ahead. "Charming!": An old fashioned lamp post adds a little charm to this delightful water feature. "Remodeling Success 101": Where does the punch list get its name?
  • July – "Hidden in Plain Sight": Intelligent universal design fades into the background and makes everyone happier."It's Our Birthday!": Break out the grills and fill the sky with fireworks. "Remodeling Success 101": Why is workers' compensation so important?
  • June – "Raising the Performance Bar": The best remodelers build health and comfort into the home."Let Summer Begin": Summer is here and it is time to take that long anticipated summer vacation! "Remodeling Success 101": Who will be in charge of my job?
  • May – "Thinking About Appliances": Take the time to get the models that work best for you. "Remodeling Success 101": How do purchase orders earn their keep?
  • April – "Making Sense of Allowances": For best results, narrow down the options up front. "April": Sound Builders loves to remodel kitchens!r". "Remodeling Success 101": Does stainless steel vary in appearance?
  • March – "Is Voice Control for You?": More and more home systems are adding voice control technology. Let's look at the pros and cons. "Let's Connect!": Remodeling a home can be a daunting endeavor". "Remodeling Success 101": What are GFCIs, and why do I need them?
  • February – "Better Than Bidding": Identifying the best pro for your project starts by clarifying your wants and needs. "Love is in the Air ": As you look around your house, ask yourself "Is this the house of my dreams?". "Remodeling Success 101": What is value engineering?
  • January – "Have Questions? Ask the Lead Carpenter": Homeowners will have questions and changes during any remodel. Prevent surprises and delays by getting answers from the top. "Thank You ": As the Holiday Season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and on those who have helped us shape our business. "Remodeling Success 101": Who is responsible for the work of subcontractors?

2017 Newsletters

  • December – "Counter Intelligence": Which of today's best-selling countertop materials to choose for your new kitchen? "Family ": The holidays are all about being thankful. "Remodeling Success 101": Which cabinet door costs more?
  • November – "Meet the Maestro": The pro who conducts your project to its finale draws from a deep well of knowledge "Russell Good ": Russell is our lead carpenter (maestro). "Remodeling Success 101": How busy are you?
  • October – "Do You Need a Full-Service Remodeler?": It's a question of job complexity and customer service. "Fall is Here! ": It is sad to see Summer fade away, but Fall brings a beauty all its own. "Remodeling Success 101": Can you lower costs without losing amenities?
  • September – "First Impressions": The best remodelers know that the initial meeting is about earning your trust. "Remodeling Roller Coaster ": Roller coasters can be very exciting and a little scary. "Remodeling Success 101": What if you have a deadline?
  • August – "The Multi-Generational Home": These modifications will make the home more comfortable for all family members. "Jay DePhelps, CAPS ": Sound Builders' owner, Jay DePhelps, has earned this designation. "Remodeling Success 101": What is a cool roof?
  • July – "Managing Your Home's Environment": Optimizing the heating and cooling equipment is an important part of making a home more comfortable, healthy and efficient. "God Bless America!":We feel very blessed to live in such a great country! "Remodeling Success 101":What is SEER?
  • June – "Picture Perfect": A great finish doesn't come cheap, but it can make or break the look of a project. "Great Outdoors Month": It is fitting that June is Great Outdoors Month and the start of summer. "Remodeling Success 101": How long have you been remodeling in this town?
  • May – "The Regulatory Minefield": Government red tape takes time, money and skill to navigate. That's why you need a pro. "Building Relationships": The building blocks of Sound Builders are faith, wonderful clients and hard work. "Remodeling Success 101": How do workers comp and liability insurance complement one another?
  • April – "The Super Kitchen": Recent research shows what homeowners want in this crucial room. "Happy Easter": The spirit of Easter is all about hope, love and joyful living. "Remodeling Success 101": What is contemporary design?
  • March – "Estimating Time": The work of building a price and schedule for a big remodel is a project in itself. "It Is Time!": What are you going to do with all the extra daylight that is coming? "Remodeling Success 101": Can I buy my own fixtures?
  • February – "Remodeling is Not a Game of Poker": Should you tell us your real budget? If you want a successful project, the answer is yes. Here’s why. "Happy Valentine's Day": Our subscribers are the HEART of our BUSINESS! "Remodeling Success 101": Who ensures a quality job?
  • January – "Minimize Stress and Maximize Sanity": A good remodeler will have systems in place for making the experience a positive one for the homeowners. "The Graduate": One of our family just graduated! "Remodeling Success 101": Where do radiant floors make sense?

2016 Newsletters

  • December – "How Much Will It Cost?": Here's how we approach one of the most common pricing questions. "Merry Christmas to All": Christmas is such a beautiful time of the year. "Remodeling Success 101": Why do so many products need to be ordered ahead of time?
  • November – "Why Home Tech Is a Wise Investment": Simple, affordable and easy-to-retrofit wireless is making the long-predicted smart home a must-have. "Blessed":In this time of gratitude, we give thanks for you. "Remodeling Success 101": How do the homeowners' decision-making skills affect the project timeline?
  • October – "Maintaining Your Remodeled Home": A smart maintenance schedule will help keep a remodel healthy and good looking for years to come. "Illumuination": When painting you don't have to stick to one color for a whole room. "Remodeling Success 101": Who services warranty claims?
  • September – "It's Always Sunny in TV Land": Home renovation shows don't reflect the reality of managing a remodeling project. "Wishes Do Come True": September is Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Month with September 7th being World Duchenne Awareness Day. "Remodeling Success 101": What professional organizations does your contractor belong to?
  • August – "Interior Finishes: Quality Takes Time": All remodeling construction follows a consistent pattern and pace. "Get Stamped!": Concrete is often thought of as gray and boring. It doesn't have to be that way! "Remodeling Success 101": What is "millwork"?
  • July – "The Importance of Structure": Framing details have a big impact on all aspects of a remodeling project. "Keep it Cool": I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream! "Remodeling Success 101": How much energy will a high-efficiency HVAC system save?
  • June – "Return on Remodeling Investment": A respected industry report shows that remodeling makes more financial sense now than at any time in the past eight years. "Get Excited":Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right. "Remodeling Success 101": How many jobs are you currently doing?
  • May – "Controlling Project Costs": A successfully managed budget is a partnership between the remodeler and the homeowners. "Happy Mother's Day": I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be. "Remodeling Success 101": Can I pull my own building permit?
  • April – "Project Price Reality Check": Consulting with a remodeler before drawing the plans will save expense and headaches. "Company Story": The "Remodeling Experience" and it comes with every remodel. "Remodeling Success 101": How important is service in a remodel?
  • March – "The Problem with Comparing Estimates": Is getting three comparable estimates realistic, or a myth? "Happy Spring!": This spring we will be celebrating 40 years as a professional remodeling company! "Remodeling Success 101": Is the length of time a remodeler has been in business important?
  • February – "Controlling Allowances": Strict allowance policies benefit homeowners as much as remodelers. "Happy Valentines Day": We Love Our Clients. "Remodeling Success 101": Do builders and remodelers guarantee their work?
  • January – "The New Science of Remodeling": Making a home durable and efficient is no job for amateurs. "New Beginnings": A new year is upon us and it is time to start fresh. "Remodeling Success 101": Why does drywall tape and texture take so long?

2015 Newsletters

  • December – "Why Remodelers Must Be Learners":Continuing education is no longer optional. "Christmas Blessings": Christmas time brings to mind so many blessings we are thankful for this year. "Remodeling Success 101": What is a "continuous load path"?
  • November – "The Value of Trusted Associations": You can tell a lot about someone by his or her associates, and that's as true for businesses as it is for individuals. "Happy Thanksgiving": At this time of Thanksgiving we pause to count our blessings. "Remodeling Success 101": How will you communicate with me during construction?
  • October – "What Makes a Project a Success?": It's as much about the experience as the result. "The Remodeling Experience": We strive to provide that special 'something' before a project is started, as it is underway and after it is completed. "Remodeling Success 101": Can you finish this job by my deadline?
  • September – "How Long Have You Been in Business?": Why this is a great question to ask a remodeler. "Turning Forty": Next year will be a huge milestone for Sound Builders. "Remodeling Success 101": How many projects are you currently working on?
  • August – "Eating Out":For our clients in Redmond, "eating out" actually means stepping out to their covered outdoor kitchen. "Champions":There was no better way ending our time together than with winning the championship! "Remodeling Success 101": How do contractors achieve a "random" pattern using aggregate or veneer stone?
  • July – "The Connected Home":New wireless technologies put the smart home within reach of any homeowner. "Outdoor Cooking":Kitchens are no longer confined to the walls of a house. "Remodeling Success 101": How will zoning and deed restrictions affect the project?
  • June – "Owner's Role as Project Leader":The homeowner is still, ultimately, a leader in the project. "Father's Day":Here's to all you Fathers out there. "Remodeling Success 101": What's a "change order"?
  • May – "Know Your Remodeler":Many of our clients are anxious to learn all they can about the home remodeling process before embarking on their project. "Teamwork":Sound Builders is looking for a "few good people". "Remodeling Success 101": What is the role of a project manager or lead carpenter?
  • April – "Keeping Projects on Track":Failure to make timely decisions is the number one culprit behind schedule and cost overruns. "Good News":Last month Kennedy Catholic High School brought the 1920's to Burien with their Spring Musical "Good News". "Remodeling Success 101": What is an "insulated" window?
  • March – "The Homeowner's Role in a Remodeling Project":A homeowner's role during construction is more important than ever. "Spring Forwad":Daylight Savings Time is here!. "Remodeling Success 101": What's a "change order"?
  • February – "The Remodel Rollercoaster":Understanding the construction process will help owners manage their expectations. "Random Acts of Kindness Week": February is full of special observances. "Remodeling Success 101": How are loan draws figured?
  • January – "Can I Hire My Own Painter?":Or buy my own carpet...Remodelers get these questions a lot.. "Do You Have a Vision?": Every project, including what you expect from life, starts with a vision. "Remodeling Success 101": Who will be in charge of my job?

2014 Newsletters

  • December – "Preplanning Before Groundbreaking": On time, on budget, and exceeding customer expectations starts with a thorough preconstruction plan. "Merry Christmas": Our family here at Sound Builders wishes you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. "Remodeling Success 101": What specific changes or upgrades can I make once things are underway?
  • November – "Surviving a Room Addition": No one likes to think about having to “survive” anything, and certainly not a remodeling project. "The Remodeling Roller Coaster": Roller coasters can be very exciting and a little scary. "Remodeling Success 101": Whom should I call when there's a problem with a kitchen appliance?
  • October – "Architectural Character": Matching and maintaining the architectural character of a house is one of the most important measures of success and lasting value. "Fallback": The end of Daylight Savings Time. "Remodeling Success 101": What's the difference between proportion and scale?
  • September – "The High-Performance Remodel": Many of our clients are less interested in “green” construction. "Building Relationships": The building blocks of Sound Builders are faith, wonderful clients and hard work. "Remodeling Success 101": Should You Consider Installing an Energy Recovery Ventilator?
  • August – "The Impact of Change": Even small changes made after work begins can have surprising effects on the budget. "Sound Builders Bulldogs! ": For the Sound Builders' Kent Bulldogs it was another successful year. "Remodeling Success 101": How are purchase orders used?
  • July – "Selecting Your Remodeler: Check References": Some tips for getting the most from this important step. "Happy 4th of July ": God bless America! this land that we love. "Remodeling Success 101": How do draw schedules work?
  • June – "The New Media Room": Thoughtful planning will help homeowners get the most from this popular amenity. "Being a DAD ":'There is something special about Dads! "Remodeling Success 101": How difficult is it to move a wall to enlarge a room?
  • May – "Effective Communication: Key to a Successful Remodeling Project": Communication is important in all relationships, and your relationship with your remodeler is no exception. "Redefining Your Expectations ":'The Remodeling Experience' is the cornerstone of Sound Builders' philosophy. "Remodeling Success 101": Am I liable for accidents that occur during the remodeling project?
  • April – "The Role of the Remodeler ": A lot of people don’t understand the sheer complexity of the remodeling contractor’s job. "Dish Drawer ":Say "goodbye" to the traditional cupboard for your dishes. "Remodeling Success 101": What is R-value?
  • March – "Plan to Succeed ": A complete set of plans and specs will eliminate problems and help ensure a smooth project. "May the Luck of the Irish be with You!": Whether you are Irish or not (like me) this blessing is for you. "Remodeling Success 101": What kind of product changes can I make after the job has started?
  • February – "How long will this take? ": Remodeling contractors hear this question a lot. The answer, of course, is “It depends.” But on what? "Way To Go Hawks!": Sunday was an exciting day for Seahawks fans everywhere! "Remodeling Success 101": What is the legal relationship between covenants and building codes?
  • January – "Optimizing Insulation ": Virtually every remodeling project gives considerable thought to energy conservation. "Welcome 2014": May you have a blessed 2014! "Remodeling Success 101": What is a cool roof?

2013 Newsletters

  • December – "Quality Revealed ": Construction quality is easy to see when you know what to look for. "Christmas Blessings". "Remodeling Success 101": The company owner seems far removed from the construction process and I deal mostly with the site superintendent. Is that normal?
  • November – "Why the Time to Remodel is NOW ": Materials and labor won't be any more affordable in a year or two. "Happy Thanksgiving!": At this time of Thanksgiving we pause to count our blessings. "Remodeling Success 101": What is an escalation clause?
  • October – "Eliminate Surprises by Clearly Defining the Job": When it comes to getting their home remodeled, no one likes surprises. "Russell Good": Spotlight on Russell Good, one of our lead carpenters. "Remodeling Success 101": How much do permit requirements and codes vary from place to place?
  • September – "Minimize Stress and Maximize Sanity": Remodeling a home can be stressful. Savvy homeowners choose a remodeler who will make it less so. "Don’t Gamble with Family Safety": Five tips to help keep your home safe. "Remodeling Success 101": How do allowances work?
  • August – "What is Green, Anyway?": Sustainable construction is nothing mysterious. "Staying Safe While you are Away": 10 practical tips to help insure your home stays safe and sound while you are away! "Remodeling Success 101": What is Thermal Mass?
  • July – "Remodeling for Peace and Quiet": consider another key element to quality of life: peace and quiet. "God Bless the USA": We are celebrating our 237th Birthday! "Remodeling Success 101": What is a "sone?"
  • June – "Clear for Takeoff: The Preconstruction Meeting": Without a successful launch, a safe landing is impossible. "Welcome Back": Summer is here and Bailee DePhelps is back on the job. "Remodeling Success 101": What is a punch list?
  • May – "Not Your Grandpa's Solar": After a 40-year hiatus, solar energy is cool again. "Hop On": May is National Bike Month! "Remodeling Success 101": Do photovoltaic panels convert 100% of the sun's energy into electricity?
  • April – "Extending Exteriors": Remember that a home's exterior finish is literally its face to the world. "Pitching In": Kennedy Catholic High School brought Broadway to Burien with their production of Guys and Dolls. "Remodeling Success 101": Should I request a low-VOC exterior paint?
  • March – "Is Geothermal in Your Future? ": Remodeling is the ultimate in "sustainable" housing. "Spring Forward": There is a long history about how DST came about. "Remodeling Success 101": How deep are the pipes of a ground-source heat pump?
  • February – "Solid Ideas for Controlling Concrete": The common belief is that once concrete is set as a foundation slab, patio, driveway, or path, it's there to stay. "Get Stamped": Concrete is often thought of as gray and boring. It doesn't have to be that way! "Remodeling Success 101": What is "slump"?
  • January – "Foundations of Quality": A home's foundation is simply the most important part of its construction and overall performance. "It's Here": It is a new year and time to unveil our new website. "Remodeling Success 101": How do you strengthen an existing foundation for an addition?

2012 Newsletters

  • December – "The Roof Over Your Head": A roof is a primary factor in any home's curb appeal. But more important, it serves a critical role in maintaining or improving energy efficiency. "Merry Christmas": Christmas wishes from Sound Builders. "Remodeling Success 101": How much is a "square" of roofing?
  • November – "Bringing Windows to Light": A variety of window materials and how your choice impacts your budget and your house. "It's the Journey": Thanksgiving wishes from Sound Builders. "Remodeling Success 101": What are replacement windows?
  • October – "Extending Exterior": Choosing and caring for your home's exterior finish. "Keep Safe": Tips on protecting yourself and your family from carbon monoxide in your home. "Remodeling Success 101": Should you use a low-VOC exterior paint?
  • September – "Cashing in on Energy Efficiency": Remodeling to lower your utility bills. "Back to School": Have a fun and successful school year. "Remodeling Success 101": What's the 'green' benefit of remodeling instead of building new?
  • August – "The Choice is Yours": Balancing the costs of remodeling with your dreams. "Water Safety": Stay safe at the lake and the pool. "Remodeling Success 101": What is an 'allowance'?
  • July – "Preparing for an Addition: Prep Your Neighbors": How to make a large remodeling project less intrusive for the neighbors. "God Bless America": Happy Independence Day! "Remodeling Success 101": How does a downdraft cook top work?
  • June – "Know Your Stress Points: Preparing for an Addition": Minimize stress by keeping the lines of communication open, especially at these key points in the project. "Congratulations, Bailee!" We're proud of our newest graduate. "Remodeling Success 101": What is a 'C of O'?

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