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"We hired the architect who designed our house to design an expanded patio and cover to the patio so we could BBQ all year round. The architect recommended Sound Builders Inc. to do the job. The patio roof connects to the house and is octagonal in shape with a peaked shake roof and has can lighting. The idea was to make it look like it came with the house when it was new. Jay, the owner of Sound Builders, gave us a schedule at the beginning that had all the elements that needed to be done. There were various reasons why the schedule slipped a little, but Jay was always in contact explaining what was happening and why. Any delays were fully explained and reasonable. The end product was as close to perfect as it could get. We were delighted with the workmanship. It does look like it came with the house! Also, every day when the crew was done working, the area was cleaned up and neat. A very good experience from beginning to end."
~ Steve and Janice L. (Bellevue)
"Jay, you and your staff performed at the level you presented in person and as stated in your Remodeling Experience customer/client expectations. Sound Builders understood the work involved and construction revisions to actually remedy design flaws. We were very satisfied with the work, the employees, the solutions proposed, and the final project. "Jay, Thanks to you and your crew for rescuing our deck.""
~ Bill and Candi M. (Kent)

"Sound Builders did an excellent job. They truly solved the problems my project had while keeping my budget in mind. What set Sound Builders apart is their credibility that led to trust."
~ Susan H. (Seattle)
"Sound Builders (especially Jay and Russ) 'saved' our project. Our 'experience' was making a comfortable and functional new space for our aging mother. Success!! Sound Builders stands on their own and we were very pleased. We would recommend Sound Builders to anyone. Thanks to all of you!
~ Susan M. (Kirkland)
"Yes, your company has lived up to the goals in your company story. Since this was among our first construction projects in several years, and it follows a very bad experience, trusting another took much effort. While I am not ready to trust unconditionally, your company's work ethic went a long way to restoring my faith in contractors. You did a great job."
~ Tom and Becky C. (Auburn)
"Always received very prompt and courteous service. We were very pleased with the job you did. You finished within the time frame discussed even with our add-ons. This was our third project Sound Builders has done for us over the years."
~ Rudy and Renate B. (Sea-Tac)
"Our experience matches precisely with your company story. Jay pointed out potential problems and had a resolution before I could be concerned and kept us informed. What set Sound Builders apart was the calm confident demeanor. I was never being "sold" anything. Could not have asked for anything more. “We were in a difficult situation with mold damaged home and can't imagine our good fortune to have found Sound Builders to come to the rescue. The quality of the work and the personal caring were above and beyond expectations. Can't thank you enough!"
~ Bill and Helen B. (Renton)
"As usual, our experience with SBI was great. We are very happy with the final result and with the process."
~ Henry P. (Sammamish)
"I feel like Sound Builders became part of our family. He and the subcontractors were very professional. It was a pleasure to meet and work with your company! Thanks for a great experience."
~ Mark and Susan A. (Somerset)
"We were well informed on each phase, courteous workers, work area was clean. Grateful for the pleasant experience."
~ First Baptist Church and Parsonage (Kent)
"Pre-construction/orientation, explicit answers to certain approaches, frequent interaction regarding stages of construction, ditto for invoices and plan changes. Excellent work, generous answers to questions, e.g. client suggestions for use of materials needed (fixtures and construction plans), availability for contact with Jay, sensitivity to costs, patience with 6 family members with varying opinions, collaboration with Jennifer DeRosa (Adaptable for Life-consultant to family regarding all construction details), and overall expertise regarding all phases of construction. The remodeling was timely and met all of the family's requests, and met all expectations for unique challenges regarding disability issues; explanations specific to construction protocols. The end result exceeded our expectations – all family members very pleased for a job well-done. We could not have imagined a better result. Disabled mother was enormously happy with outcome, and as time goes by, family feels even more appreciative of the fastidiousness and excellent adherence to Jay's high standards. His company did a marvelous job. We whole-heartedly recommend Sound Builders to anyone who asks about the bathroom or would like to see the finished project. Thank you, Jay."
~ Jacalyn J. (Woodlawn)
"We have used Sound Builders many times over the years. Sound Builders is a very professional and responsible organization – one you can be happy and confident using."
~ Stephen and Len L. (Kent)
"Having two previous remodels done, one ten years ago and one eight years ago by Sound Builders, it was only obvious we would have this remodel done by them as well. Again Sound Builders has done a fantastic job, that due to the professional ability of the crew, and their helpful attitude, opening the wall to the kitchen made it more spacious, and access to the kitchen easy. More cabinets in the kitchen give us more room for entertaining and added storage."
~ Doug and Charlotte L. (Woodland Way)
"Sound Builders bid was the highest and I was tempted to use someone else, but then you get what you pay for.... Sound Builders was always on time and showed up when they said they would. Sound Builders employees were always courteous when coming in and out of our home and they did a great job of cleaning up on a daily basis."
~ Colleen F. (Bellevue)
"I felt more confident with Sound Builders, the thoroughness of their bid, suggestions, and overall attitude in talking to us. We were kept informed of each step of construction and expenditures and are very happy with the finished remodel."
~ Doug and Charlotte L. (Woodland Way)
"In working with Jay and his team at Sound Builders, I found not only the work to be exemplary but the service as well. And when issues with the construction of our home required more work, Sound Builders immediately responded and repaired the damages as if it were warranted work of their own. That level of professionalism and dedication in business is one that is extremely rare. I would enthusiastically recommend Jay and Sound Builders without hesitation."
~ Robb W. (Issaquah)
"Everyone was so impressed with your workmanship. When I shared how clean the house was during the remodel, plus the good communication, one of my friends said, "What-a contractor with integrity? Now THAT's really something!"
~ Karen T. (Kent)
"When the initial design was just not working out, Sound Builders was able to make suggestions and work with us to tailor our kitchen to our needs and expectation."
~ Ron and Sue C. (Sammamish)
"The guys did a great job. Everyone who worked here was friendly, polite and made me feel at peace. I knew everything was taken care of. All my questions were answered and assured me of any doubts, etc. They took care of everything. I enjoyed having your workers here. They were courteous and competent. Thanks again."
~ Sitareh A. (Auburn)
"We were very satisfied and happy with the service and quality of Sound Builders' work. Sound Builders did a better job listening and answering our questions than other contractors we interviewed. We really appreciated the workers being on time and cleaning up afterwards. The overall service was excellent and we would refer them to friends and family."
~ Will and Judy M. (Burien)
"In our opinion, Sound Builders met and exceeded the goals outlined in their Company Story. They created an atmosphere of clear communication and complete professionalism. Everyone we dealt with at Sound Builders was a pleasure to work with. My first instincts and impressions when I initially met Jay were that the company was very professional and organized. This opinion didn't change after the work began. We have, and will continue to, recommend Sound Builders to anyone beginning home remodel projects. Thanks!"
~ Bob and Vicki W. (Kirkland)

"Sound Builders cared a great deal that I was satisfied. They placed emphasis on quality workmanship, cleanliness and courtesy. Thanks!"
~ Brenda P. (Bellevue)
"From start to finish, the crew at Sound Builders made the whole experience very enjoyable, which isn’t the word most people would use to describe a remodeling experience. We were new to the process, but ended up being delighted with the entire experience and the end result of a beautiful kitchen. The crew prepped our house carefully, made sure we had all the things we needed to survive without a kitchen for 6 weeks, and they treated our home and family and pets with care, cleaning up each day. Their "set-your-watch-by-them" start time each day was refreshing to experience because they were so reliable and conscientious. Communication was excellent throughout (cell phones help!) and when asked for input or ideas or design help, both Jay and the crew were helpful and tactful! All in all, an A+ experience. The true test is we would do it again in a heartbeat."
~ Lynn and Cindy M. (Mercer Island)
"Your company's past reputation of skilled workmen and your personal professional attitude set you apart from others."
~ Jan W. (Burien)
"It is important working with a company that is responsive and keeps open lines of communication. We won’t hesitate at all contacting Sound Builders for future projects."
~ Marsha and Steve P. (Newcastle)
"Dear Sound Builders, To put it into simple terms, you made my dreams come true. Literally, I dreamed of this kitchen over and over for three years, and it turned out better than I ever thought or imagined. Along the way, we departed from the original plan. Each change I requested was met with enthusiasm, and if it was possible to build on my idea-that was the game plan. "Can do" spirit is what I think of. Communication is vital. Jay was always updating me on the progress, where the subs were and when they would attend to my job, came to the site often, and even when there was a "hiccup" his approach was honest and straight forward. The crew was a pleasure to work with. They had great ideas, worked magic with pre-existing conditions, and had a very positive attitude. Thanks again Sound Builders. This was the remodeling experience of the century! It definitely "redefined my expectations."
~ Lynn H. (Mercer Island)
"We worked together on the plan and I trusted you to do the work right and you did."
~ Robert L. (Kent)
"I have used you for 22 years, from in house remodels to a complete construction at home. I have always been pleased with you."
~ Ric L. (Kent)
"I had an insurance claim over a leak in my bathroom and I was impressed by their friendliness and thoroughness - so when I needed new carpet I thought of them."
~ Madeline S. (Normandy Park)
"The 'Experience' you describe is indeed lacking in most home repair, decorating, etc. Keep doing what you are doing. Customer relations does matter."
~ Wilbur P. (Renton)
"Excellent, outstanding, extremely pleased with workmanship."
~ Barbara P. (Renton)
"Very pleased. I was very impressed with the care that Sound Builders took to keep dirt and dust to a minimum. I would definitely recommend Sound Builders to others. It was a very pleasurable experience."
~ Kathie S. (Renton)

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Sound Builders cared a great deal that I was satisfied. They placed emphasis on quality workmanship, cleanliness and courtesy. Thanks!

– Brenda P. (Bellevue)

English Hill Kitchen After
English Hill Kitchen - After

I had an insurance claim over a leak in my bathroom and I was impressed by Sound Builders' friendliness and thoroughness –
so when I needed new carpet I thought of them.

– Madeline S.
(Normandy Park)


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