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It is sad to see Summer fade away, but Fall brings a beauty all its own. Within one week many trees have begun to change from shades of green to brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red, and grass from brown to bright green. We are so blessed in the Pacific Northwest to experience the gorgeous change of seasons.

With the change of seasons comes the end of Daylight Savings Time. Be sure to turn your clocks back one hour before bed on November 4th!

Remodeling Success 101

Q: Can you lower costs without losing amenities?

A: If the homeowners are flexible, there can be lots of creative ways to save money without sacrificing the things they consider important. For instance a kitchen pantry closet can reduce the cabinet budget while also providing more food storage, and a simpler roof geometry might shave framing costs without taking away from the home's interior spaces. The ability to offer this type of value engineering is one of the many things that distinguish the professional remodeler.

Do You Need a Full-Service Remodeler?

It's a question of job complexity and customer service.

All successful professional remodelers share certain traits. They show up on time. They keep their jobsites clean and organized. They finish the work for the price and on the schedule they agreed to. They communicate clearly with customers. And they stand behind their work with a solid warranty.

Although these are qualities you always should look for, there remains the question of what type of company to hire. The answer will depend in part on the project.

The handyman

Handyman companies range from a single person with a truck to a large operation with a fleet of vans and many employees. They specialize in small jobs like painting, power washing, changing locksets or re-grouting tile. Handyman companies are often perfect for emergency repairs or for that "to do" list you have been putting off.

Some of these companies will take on larger projects, but it's important to confirm that they have the needed licensing, insurance and experience. And of course, it's necessary to check references.

Specialty contractor

Many specialty contractors do great work for their clients. The kitchen and bath remodeler may offer a selection of cabinets, countertops and other materials with predictable pricing and quality. A good design-build deck contractor will be current with the latest decking materials, will be skilled at structural analysis and will know how to value-engineer the structure to use less framing without sacrificing strength. And the contractor's designers will have an eye for visually harmonizing that new deck or porch with the existing house and yard.

A lot of full-service remodelers start out as specialty contractors and then evolve into doing larger projects, adding the necessary business and technical expertise as they grow.

Full-service remodeler

The full-service professional remodeler is just what it sounds like: a well-managed company that's able to complete just about any type of remodel, no matter how large or complex, while offering great customer service.

This company works with the homeowners to determine their wants and needs before work starts and will often offer design services, which may be done in house or by an independent designer who has a regular working relationship with the company. The full-service remodeler will have experience managing complex custom projects, along with the business systems needed to bring those projects in on time and on budget.

In addition to custom renovations, this type of company will also do kitchens, baths and just about every other type of work. Some full-service remodeling companies even have handyman divisions, which lets new clients try them out on smaller projects and allows the remodeler take care of their regular clients' ongoing issues.

The best full-service professional remodelers excel at imagining and creating something unique with each job. And they understand that remodeling is a relationship business. Because a remodel involves so much interaction with homeowners, the most successful remodelers have a company culture that revolves around customer service and customer satisfaction. Not only that, professional remodelers have systems, organization and subcontractor and supplier relationships in place to efficiently and cost-effectively guide their customers through a complex project. In fact, it's a huge factor in their success.

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