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Remodeling Success 101

Q: How long should a warranty be for?

A: Industry standard is twelve months. However, Sound Builders Inc. guarantees that workmanship shall be free from defects in labor for eighteen (18) months from the date of completion of the project. Materials are warranteed as specified by the individual manufacturers, but Sound Builders will assist in resolving any claim against product. Your satisfaction is our primary concern.

Quality Is No Accident

The best remodelers approach it systematically.

What separates the best professional remodelers from good ones? A lot of things do, but part of the answer is that great remodelers are obsessive about small details. And taken together, those small details leave a big impression.

Most remodelers really want to serve their clients. They strive to do good work and respond quickly if the client has a serious problem like a leak after the job is done. At the same time, many lack formal systems for finding and correcting small errors during the project and for making sure they don't happen on future projects.

Unfortunately, those small errors generate the most complaints. These range from minor aesthetic issues (such as nail pops in new drywall) to annoyances (flooring that squeaks). Issues like these are far from minor to clients and taking care of them plays a big part in how happy clients feel with the completed project.

Industry research has found that avoiding such problems is a matter of being systematic about quality. Although most of the research has been done with new home builders, the results also apply to remodelers, as many companies do both. For example, an August 2017 article in Professional Builder magazine, based on interviews with companies around the United States, reported that while most lack formal QA (quality assurance) programs, those who had put such a program in place were quickly rewarded with steep reductions in warranty claims. One of the pros interviewed reported 70 percent fewer claims after just two years.

It's no surprise that those companies' clients are also more likely to refer them to friends, family and colleagues.

This begs the question of what a QA program includes. Most people assume it's all about inspecting the work, but while inspections play a big role they're not the whole story. Someone in the company needs to review the data from every inspection and make sure the underlying issues get corrected. In other words QA is a proactive effort—a forward-looking way to help the remodeler achieve ongoing quality gains.

There's no "right" way to implement QA—you can buy software written for this purpose, but simple checklists can be just as effective. Ultimately, it comes down to a mindset, and a commitment.

The mindset shows up in a lot of ways. For instance, quality-driven remodelers have clearly written and communicated expectations for workers and trade contractors, and they are diligent about making sure those expectations get met. They tend to have clutter-free jobsites with neatly stacked materials—signs of an efficient and safety-conscious company that pays attention to detail. They also have a protocol for identifying trends, so if a new crew is having trouble flashing the windows correctly, the project manager or lead carpenter will quickly find out and help get them up to speed.

The above-cited article also reported that companies that reap the most rewards from their QA efforts pursue collaborative relationships with trade contractors and seek their advice on how to improve. This helps build a company culture that encourages excellence—a culture that attracts contractors and employees who do the best work.

The end result is more satisfied clients. And since so few remodelers have systematic Quality Assurance programs, those who do really stand out. They're the remodelers you want to work with.

Warm regards,

Jay DePhelps, CGR, CAPS
Sound Builders Inc.
(206) 246-7100

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